AES 2019: Metric Halo Lost in Space Presentation


Using the Metric Halo ULN-8 on the LOST IN SPACE Netflix series.

GSTV: The Sound of Can You Ever Forgive Me? with Joe White


Sound mixer Joe White chats about capturing the audio for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Gotham Labs: Building a PoE Production Audio Recording Rig


Building a sample cart rig using Power over Ethernet and the Dante protocol to send audio, power, and telemetry from the sound cart to set and back via a single Cat5 cable.

GSTV: Sound Devices Wingman Connect


Peter Schneider demos Sound Devices' new Wingman iOS remote control app for 6-series recorders

GSTV: Cedar DNS 2


Peter Schneider tests the Cedar DNS 2 Noise Suppressor against recordings from Times Square.

GSTV: Battle of the Automixers


Peter Schneider and Nick Huston try out the Automix settings on the Yamaha QL-1 (Dugan), Sound Devices 688 (Dugan & MixAssist), and the Zaxcom Nomad (Auto-Mix) and compare them to a human mixer's take on a complicated scene.

A Confederacy of Redundencies


Peter Schneider ruminates on finding the right back up solution for your workflow.

GSTV: DPA Microphones


Natalie Lowe and Dan Joseph explore DPA Microphones' new Slim lavaliers, the 4017B Shotgun and 4018C Condensed Supercardiod Microphone, the swappable Microdot lavalier adapters, the 4098 Supercardioid Podium Mic and the rest of the DPA line, plus a Slim miking demo from Peter Schneider.

GSTV: All About Antennas


Learn all about antennas -- design, placement, best practices and more.

NAB 2014 - K-Tek


The inimitable Dave Fisk shows off K-Tek's new Stingray 2 audio bag, harness, and waistband, then turns the camera on Peter Schneider.


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