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Spring forward with some brand-new CompactFlash and SD cards for your recorder of choice! Get discounts on select models (noted below with a *) when ordered through our website before May 8th, 2015!

And, hey, once you've started to store data on those cards, you're going to need to put it somewhere, so why not take a perusal through our card reader and hard drives?

As always, order $50 worth at and get FREE 2-day shipping within the continental US!

Recommended for Sound Devices 7-Series

Recommended for Sound Devices 6-Series & 970

Recommended for Zaxcom Maxx

Recommended for Video Devices PIX 250i, PIX 260i, and PIX 270i

Order Your Zaxcom Maxx Today!

The Zaxcom Maxx is now shipping! We have a demo unit in store if you'd like to come see or you can check out all the details of and order one of this fantastic little mixer/recorder/transmitters today (that's the fully loaded version with all the trimmings - here's the base model and each individual option!) 

Update: Or, if you hate reading, you can watch Dan Joseph give a quick briefing!

Zaxcom Maxx Introduction from Gotham Sound on Vimeo.

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