Small Wonder

Introducing the new DPA 6000 series omnidirectional subminiature lavaliers and headsets

They utilize DPA's great sounding Core technology and have a frequency response and noise floor similar to the venerable 4000 series while being only 3mm across - a full 2mm smaller than the 4000 series!

They're available for preorder now in black and beige (with other colors to follow) and are expected to start shipping in November!

Initial supplies may be limited, so orders will be fulfilled first-come, first served.

Big DPA, Little DPA

Today through Friday only! Get yourself a great lightweight microphone at a bargain price with 10% off DPA's 4017 and 4018 mic kits, capsules, and preamps! Or get audio directly into your iOS device or computer with the same discount on the d:vice  Digital Audio Interface!

Can't decide? No worries - get any of the discounted DPA mic kits with a capsule and a preamplifier and you can purchase a d:vice with an additional 10% off! (Due to limitations of our website, this deal will only trigger once per order - please call or email to arrange a discount on multiple sets.)

Fast Adapters

All sales from Wednesday, December 14th to Friday, December 17th, 2016 of DPA d:screet miniature mics, d:fine headset mics, or d:vote instrument mics wired for Microdot each come with a FREE Microdot adapter of your choice!

Any d:facto vocal mic comes with a wireless adapter of your choice!

For online orders, please specify the desired free adapter in the comment section. If you're looking for something we don't have online, email us at [email protected] and we'll take care of it.

Lease Majesté II

Get an incredible sound kit at an affordable price! Any purchase over $5000 is eligible for monthly financing through our partners at AbelCine! We'll help you put together the custom gear list of your dreams!

Order before the end of the year for maximum tax benefit - U.S. tax code section 179 allows a deduction up to $25,000 for qualifying audio equipment!

A $15,000 kit is only $324/month over 60 months for qualified customers (or $388/month for 48 months, $491/month for 36 months, or $708/month for 24 months - whatever suits your needs best!)

Ready to get started? Contact us to get a quote today or check out the financing terms and application here. Any financial information is confidential between you and AbelCine Finance Services. First and last month’s payment due in advance. $1 buyout option at end of term.

Starting with a more modest kit? PayPal Credit is available for any purchase of $100 or over!

Need some kit suggestions? We've suspiciously conveniently put together some after the jump!

A Hymn to Slim

Starting today, you can preorder the new DPA D:screet Slim lavalier microphones! We can't give much in the way of details or pictures yet (though some info has slipped out into the wild), but we can tell you:

  • They'll have all the quality of their normal D:screet microphones, but with an even smaller form factor!
  • If you pre-order the Microdot version before October 18th, you can get a free DAD Microdot adapter of your choice included!

Estimated ship date is the end of October and initial supplies are expected to be limited, so preorder yours today!

Made From America, Wireless From Italy

Above: Sound mixer Matt Sonnenfeld.

While preparing his audio kit for Great American Country’s new travel show Made From America, produced by The Chapter Media, Matthew Sonnenfeld turned to WisyCom wireless microphones.  WisyCom’s extremely wide band tuning, the equivalent of six blocks, made it possible for Sonnenfeld to travel from coast to coast without having to sacrifice available frequencies or change out wireless blocks.

Sonnenfeld used MCR-42 receivers and MTP40-US transmitters with DPA 4061 lavalier microphones.  “The WisyComs simply sound excellent.  The noise floor is unnoticeable to my ears and together with the DPA 4061’s, I’d be hard pressed to find a wireless unit that sounds better.  They are solidly built and easy to operate,” says Sonnenfeld.

Sonnenfeld mixed the entire show with the Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder. “The reliability of my Sound Devices recorder, along with the wideband tuning of WisyCom, gave me the freedom to travel all over the country, and the confidence to be able to concentrate on getting the best audio possible without having to worry about my wireless,” says Sonnenfeld.

Matt Sonnenfeld and DP Matt Mitchell aboard a lobster fishing boat for Made From America.

Made From America follows entrepreneur Gabe Johnson as he travels around the country finding small businesses that inspire vintage style t-shirts. Gabe’s Horses Cut Shop t-shirts uniquely capture a slice of Americana as he not only creates artwork based on American businesses, but he gives back to the businesses with the sale of each t-shirt. Made From America airs Thursday nights at 9 on Great American Country.


You are cordially invited to come meet DPA Micophones' Chris Spahr and Leonardo Romero at our Atlanta office on Monday, September 15th from 1-3pm! They'll be demoing DPA's extensive line of shotgun and lavalier microphones and taking questions on the very same. Light refreshments provided.


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