Our Mistake is Your Gain!

We've accidentally ended up with a brand new DPA stereo kit that needs a good home, so we're offering it for a mere $3125 - save $500 off the normal price!


The 4052 Compact Stereo Kit is a kit with two carefully matched (within 1 dB) 4052 Compact Omni Microphones. Together with the accessories, this kit is designed especially for low profile mounting directly inside a piano. The goosenecks can also be mounted directly on microphone stands for various A-B stereo applications such as a full orchestra in a concert hall, choirs and other ambient recordings.

The kit comes complete with a pair of each of the following: silver trapezoid close-miking grids, black diffuse-field grids, suspension mounts, gooseneck mounts, magnet bases, nose cones, windscreens, and silver free-field grids. One caveat - the microphone comes with non-removable attached rear cables.

Call us at 212-629-9430 or e-mail us at [email protected] today to take this adorable kit into your gear!

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