KlassicPro Modern

The K-Tek KlassicPro line adds a number of great features to K-Tek's already venerable boom poles, including:
  • New low-profile right angle XLR connector on cabled models
  • Redesigned locking mechanism for smoother sliding action 
  • Six sections for a smaller collapsed length 
  • Removable top and bottom for internal cabling with no soldering
  • Lightweight graphite construction
The K-Tek KlassicPros will be offered in four sizes in both uncabled and side-exit cabled versions.
  Collapsed Full Extension Weight Price
KP9 Uncabled 2’4" 9’ 1.4 lbs $475
KP9CCR Cabled, Side-Exit 2’8" 9’4" 2.1 lbs. $655
KP12 Uncabled 3’1" 12’ 1.8 lbs. $569
KP12CCR Cabled, Side-Exit 3’5" 12’4" 2.5lbs. $744
KP16 Uncabled 3’8" 16’ 2 lbs. $665
KP16CCR Cabled, Side-Exit 3’11" 16’4" 2.9 lbs. $854
KP20 Uncabled 4’6" 20’ 2.5 lbs. $759
KP20CCR Cabled, Side-Exit 4’9" 20’4" 3.4 lbs. $944

Internal coiled cables and XLR Side-Exit Base Modules will also be available for all sizes.

They're expected to start shipping next week, but initial supply may be limited, so order now for earliest possible delivery!

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