Comms Gear to Accessorize Your Fashion Week

Comms Gear to Accessorize Your Fashion Week

Fashion Week is coming up fast and we have the portable internet, walkies, and intercom solutions to help you pull off your event.

Whether you just need a reliable mobile hotspot for a small team or are looking for communications to coordinate a massive simultaneous runway rollout spanning several countries, our rental team is ready to help.

As always, weekends only count as one billable day and we offer larger discounts on longer rentals of two weeks or more!

We've gathered some useful items below, but feel free to reach out with questions by calling (866) 468-4268 or emailing [email protected] and we'll be happy to put together a custom package to suit your needs!

Mobile Internet

Small Teams

Supports up to five devices for email, document sharing, and video calls
Starting at $75/day

Large Teams

Supports the internet needs of an entire production office
Starting at $875/day

Video Streaming

Upload and download high-definition video and audio in realtime for livestreams or remote collaboration
Starting at $195/day

VIP Internet

For when it absolutely has to be rock-solid reliable
Starting at $195/day

Internet Anywhere

Get wireless signal everywhere, even without cell phone service
Starting at $500/day

Intercoms & On-Set Communications

Our rental department is available by calling (866) 468-4268 or emailing [email protected] for any questions or requests!

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