FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz Beltpack Transmitter

for XLR4 Headset
Release date:
Back-ordered 6 weeks from order date


  • Functions with FSII-Base, and FSII-Base-II, FreeSpeak Edge Base Station, Arcadia Central Station, E-IPA-HX Cards, and FSII Splitter
  • Typical indoor range: 300 ft (90 m), outdoor range: 800 ft (240 m)
  • 1.9 and 2.4 GHz beltpacks operate interchangeably on a single system
  • 5 to 200 beltpacks supported on a single system
  • Encoder Volume Swap between A&C and B&D
  • “Listen Again” message replay
  • Simple 2-channel partyline operation to 5-channel intercom on the same beltpack
  • Over-the-air beltpack registration
  • 18+ hour battery life or USB port for continuous operation
  • XLR-4M headset connector
  • IP53 rating for wet and dusty conditions
  • Built-in flashlight