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Roland, Roland, Roland

Come and see the latest from Roland at Gotham on Wednesday, March 6th at 6pm!

They'll be presenting the brand-new R-88 Eight Channel Recorder/Mixer!

Plus the M-200i V-Mixer, V-40HD Multi-Format Video Switcher, and V-4EX 4 Channel Digital Video Mixer with Effects!

Register here today to make sure you get a spot! It's FREE!.

PIX 260i for the Eye

Join Paul Isaacs, Technical Development Manager for Sound Devices, for a terrific Thursday evening at Gotham on March 14th! He'll be demonstrating their brand new PIX 260i and taking your questions! Register here to guarantee yourself a spot!

Dante's in Lectro

Read all about Lectrosonics new Dante Breakout Box! Except for those of you actually working at Lectrosonics - you get to work on Dante-enabled Venues.

First Look: Betso SBOX-1

The Betso SBOX-1 Time Code Generator is on its way. How does it stack up against the rest of the field? See Justin F. Valis's review here!

Compare and Contrast: Sync Boxes

Or if you like your time code sync box comparison in chart form, here's a handy one from Cory Allen! Are you getting all the framerates you need?

Mod Your Mac Mini! Magic!

The talented Alex Rastopchin has modified a Mac Mini to accept DC power, making it into an excellent addition to your cart. See Cory Allen demo it below and then check out the instructions to try it yourself (or give us a call and we'll do it for you!)

Watch Mod a Mac Mini for DC Power! from Gotham Sound on Vimeo.

Better Know a Gothamite: Sal Barra

Have you ever wondered what motivates a particular staff member at Gotham to strive so hard to bring you the very best in audio solutions? Then you're going to love this brand new series of casual interviews! First up: the man who puts the "sal" in "sales", Sal Barra!


Focal Points

Check out Focal's line of affordable CMS monitor speakers and subs!

Call or e-mail [email protected] to get special sales pricing until the end of March!

New 664 Firmware

New firmware is available for the Sound Devices' 664 recorders. Firmware v1.04 adds digital input gain, new peak meter options, and a few other fixes.

Full details and the update can be downloaded from here.

The Video of the Sound of Nurse Jackie

The video of last month's Nurse Jackie seminar with Jan McLaughlin, Production Sound Mixer, and Steve Borne, Supervising Sound Editor is now live and embedded below!

See the behind-the-scenes tools, techniques, and workflow processes used by professionals, learn how the Nurse Jackie sound department creates and finesses the audio of each scene, and check out best practices for both production and post-production phases!

Watch The Sound of Nurse Jackie: An Afternoon with Jan McLaughlin & Steve Borne from Gotham Sound on Vimeo.

That New Blackmagic

Gotham is pleased to announce that we're now selling audio adapter cables for the Blackmagic camera, so now you can take all your normal XLR outputs into the supernaturally weird 1/4" inputs native to the camera.

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