Are you ready for some discounts on expendables?!

The Super Bowl is fast approaching; one of the participating teams hails from the proximity of a Gotham location; and, to add to the excitement, we're offering 10% off expendables from now until Sunday! Or if you're indifferent to football, at least you've got discount tape and stick-it.


Need a gift idea for the sound person in your life this season*? We put together some suggestions and then discounted 'em where we can for good measure. Hurry, discounts only last through the end of 2016!

* It is perfectly reasonable if the sound person in your life is you.

Fast Adapters

All sales from Wednesday, December 14th to Friday, December 17th, 2016 of DPA d:screet miniature mics, d:fine headset mics, or d:vote instrument mics wired for Microdot each come with a FREE Microdot adapter of your choice!

Any d:facto vocal mic comes with a wireless adapter of your choice!

For online orders, please specify the desired free adapter in the comment section. If you're looking for something we don't have online, email us at [email protected] and we'll take care of it.


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