• NAB 2015 - Redding Audio


    Danny Michael, CAS, talks to Scott Boland of Redding Audio about the upcoming Rycote Cyclone Windshields, Schoeps Cut 60 Filter, and the Audio Ltd. 1010 Digital Diversity Single Slot Receiver.

  • NAB 2015 - Timecode Systems

    Timecode System's Paul Scurell discusses the new Timecode Buddy :wave and the latest about the Denecke TS-TCB slate and mini TRX.
  • NAB 2015 - Lectrosonics


    Lectrosonics' Karl Winkler talks to Danny Michael about the SSM transmitter....

  • NAB 2015 Preview - Zaxcom Deva Thirty-Two


    Peter Schneider paid a visit to Zaxcom last week to find out about the Deva Thirty-Two, Oasis, and Nomad Touch from Glenn Sanders and Jack Norflus! Check out the videos and Peter's write-up for more details,...

  • Zaxcom RX-12 Sneak Preview


    Zaxcom's Glenn Sanders offers a sneak preview of the new RX-12 Digital Wireless Receiver!...

  • Zaxcom MixPlexer 2

    Glenn Sanders takes us through the new MicPlexer 2 RF Distribution Amplifier (now shipping!)
  • Bagging Rites 2014: PortaBrace


    Adam Butler talks about the new things at PortaBrace including the AO Audio Organizer Bags and Heavy Duty Harnesses.

  • NAB 2014 - K-Tek


    The inimitable Dave Fisk shows off K-Tek's new Stingray 2 audio bag, harness, and waistband, then turns the camera on Peter Schneider....

  • NAB 2014 - Lectrosonics


    Lectrosonics's Karl Winkler explains the new Digital Secure Wireless and LMB, LT and LR wireless systems, as well as the Duopack SR housing, to Natalie Lowe....