Hack the Time Code

Recently we were asked by a customer if Movie*Slate could interface with a DEVA's rolls and cut to log the accurate time codes of each take.

Movie*Slate currently can't interface directly, but by setting Movie*Slate to "Auto-Start Shots" and "Auto-End Shots" and using a reed relay to alternately connect and disconnect timecode, we can get Movie*Slate to behave the way we want.

Of course, the reed relay coil needs to get its control signal from somewhere. In the case of our customer, he was using the excellent RollLogic which not only provides the control signal but the relay as well! In the example used in the video, we use the GPIO of the 788T which defaults to logic high when rolling. The 788T manual states it's capable of sourcing 500mA at +5V, and so the Radio Shack reed relay is a good match. With it's internal resistance of 250 Ohms, it sinks only 20 mA.

We hope you enjoy this video, and please remember - BE CAREFUL! We aren't responsible if your 788T blows up and all the magic smoke escapes.

Click here to view the "schematic" or here to order one for yourself.

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