When Gaff Tape Just Isn't Enough...

Not that we're disparaging gaff tape, but it's just barely possible that sometime you might run into a problem on-set that would be better served by something else and wouldn't it be nice to be ready?

What if we made a list highlighting some things and then, for good measure, threw in 10% off on select items for the rest of the month when ordered through our website? For example:

The PortaBrace Tactical Vests ($398.41) are out! Combining an audio harness and audio bag, it provides the user with a super-stable, lightweight, and compact rig capable of recording multiple tracks on the run.

Versions are available designed for the Sound Devices 688 and 633, Zaxcom Maxx, and the upcoming Zoom F8.

Adapt and let your old Lemo 3-pin lavalier connector lavs live! These handy adapters from Betso and Kortwich let you use your older Sennheiser wireless, Zaxcom, and Wisycom lavs with transmitters that accept 3.5mm (1/8") lavaliers (Sennheiser G3 and AVX) or TA5F (Lectrosonics).

Lemo 3-pin to 3.5mm Adapter $77.40

Lemo 3-pin to TA5F Adapter $70.00
Lemo 3-pin to 3.5mm Adapter $80.00

The Sescom IL-19 Inline Audio Hum Eliminator ($44.95 $40.46) provides quick fix line isolation to stop noise at the source. It removes ground loop hum, mode noise & differentially induced hum without the need for multiple transformers, ground lifters or phase inverters. 

The Digital Cube XLR Power Checker ($22.50 $20.25) is a simple plug-in DC voltage checker that tests for the presence of phantom power, intercom, and more. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and a valuable tool for verifying patches during change-overs, knowing if you have power, and if it's safe to patch microphones that are sensitive to DC power, 

Keep your mixer dry with the Pelican Desiccant Silica Moisture Eliminator ($9.56)! It's even reusable after a quick trip to an oven!

Need to wire talent in costume quickly? Sound Guys' Lav Bullets give the lav connector enough weight to drop quickly down the back of a shirt to a bodypack. For situations with tighter clothing, the Lav-Rod allows you to thread the connector where it needs to go. Adapters are available for all common connectors.

Lav Bullets 

The Delkin USB 3.0 Universal Memory Card Reader ($29.95) reads CF Type I & II (UDMA), SD (all classes), microSD, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, and MMC cards.

The RF Explorer Power Limiter ($45.00 $40.50) adds protection against strong RF fields to the RF Explorer WSUB1G, ISM Combo, 2.4G, and 433M-915M.

Keep your wild batteries contained safely and securely with the BatteryClip ($24.95). Available for 9V or AA.

Keep your gear clean and in good working order with professional grade Dust Off spray ($11.95).

Looking for more? Check out the entire Problem Solvers section of our catalog!
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