X32 Will Mix For You

X32 Will Mix For You

The Behringer X32 v 3.0 firmware update adds automixing!

From the release notes:

The Version 3.0 firmware adds automixing with Dugan-style gain sharing on two independent groups to the input channel 1-8 processing.

The automatic mixer algorithm dependably distributes the total amount of gain among the assigned channels in the same group, considering their speech level, fader level and the adjustable weighing factor. The speaker with the highest combination of volume, fader level and weighing factor will receive higher gain in the mix, while the others would be attenuated by the same amount, ensuring a stable low background noise floor without any gating/ducking artifacts.

The update to 3.0 also allows you to control the X32 remotely using Behringer X-TOUCH control surfaces via Ethernet network or MIDI, directly.

Download available here.

Grin and Behringer It

Grin and Behringer It

(Above) Audio supervisor and author Cory Allen on the set of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

The Behringer X32 family of products was released two years ago among a sea of digital mixing consoles and has become a popular affordable choice for audio engineers to use for everything from middle school talent shows to big rock concerts. In the area of location sound recording, more and more mixers are finding ways to incorporate X32’s into their workflows. The various forms of the X32 offer a powerful set of tools that can fit into a variety of situations.

As with other digital consoles, the X32 is very flexible when it comes to routing and expansion. Inputs can be rearranged at the front end of the mixer’s channels, and each output source can be individually selected. The AES50 ports allow access to remote S16 and S32 units for additional input/output capability at up to 100m away. One of the most powerful features is the expansion slot found on all models in the X32 family, allowing them to interface with industry-standard protocols such as ADAT, MADI, USB & FireWire, and Dante. More on that in a bit.

The big thing that separates the X32 from the rest of the field... (Continued after the jump)

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