Footlose and Zaxcom Free

Footlose and Zaxcom Free

Back to School Audio Rental Specials for All!

Back to School Audio Rental Specials for All!

A sound mixer never stops learning, so for any audio rental package booked for August*, we are extending our standard 25% student discount for everyone!

Not sure what you need? Give us a call, email [email protected], or check out some of our ideas below! Remember, Fri to Mon rentals count as one day and we offer lower rates on longer rentals!

*Applies to any audio rental with pick-up and return dates from August 3rd, 2015 to August 31st, 2015 (inclusive), Does not apply to walkie and communication rentals. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Here's a good starter audio kit, with a Sound Devices 633 recorder, Sennheiser shotgun mic, boom pole, Lectrosonics dual channel wireless system, IFB wireless system, power, cables, and accessories.

Rents for $405/day, $1215/week
$303.75/day, $911.25/week all August!

Looking to take a spin with Sound Devices' latest? We have the 688 for rent, $150/day, $450/week $112.50/day, $337.50/week in August!

​Or if Zaxcom is more your style, check out the TRXLA2.6 transmitter / QRX200 receiver wireless system! Lavalier included.

$150/day, $450/week!
$112.50/day, $337.50/week in August!


​On a tight budget? The Sennheiser G3 Wireless System, which includes a transmitter, receiver and lavalier, might be just what you need!

$35/day, $105/week!
$26.25/day, $78.75/week in August!

These (and what's represented on our website) is just a small portion of our rental inventory. Just let us know what you need - we'll take care of you, soundwise.

Now Renting!

Now Renting!

We've added a whole lot of new rental inventory, so if you've been dying to try out the latest and greatest, give us a call or email [email protected] - we'll see if we can work something out. And, hey, if you decide to buy any of these items within thirty days of your rental, we'll credit you the rental cost of those particular items!

  • 4060 Lavalier Mics
  • d:fine Headset Mics

....and much, much more! Don't see what you need? Let us know and we'll see what we can do! Remember, all rental prices are guidelines - we can offer discounts on package deals and long-term rentals and will work with you to get the best solution for your budget!

Four New Products from Zaxcom That Will Make You Think Less About Your Wireless

​With Zaxcom's brand-new line of products, you get better bandsplit and range for your wireless. It's all fully compatible with the current line of Zaxcom devices and will be available soon! We'll keep you posted, but for now, here's what we know:

1. The TRXLA2 Tx covers four blocks with a single transmitter.

The LA2 is a talent transmitter with user selectable power output of 25, 50 or 125mW that covers four blocks with a single transmitter. Based on the best-selling TRX900LA, but totally redesigned on the inside with a brand new proprietary digital modulation digital modulation for increased transmission distance. More details about the TRXLA2 here.

2. So does the TRXLT2.

Like what you heard about the LA2 but want it in a smaller package? The LT2 is an ultra small size transmitter with much the same capabilities and adjustable power output of 10, 25 or 50mW. More details about the TRXLT2 here.

3. The QRX200 Rx is a 200 MHz wide ENG receiver.

The QRX200 Rx has a tunable tracking front end filter so you can receive on any frequency in any block from 20 through 27 (512 - 698 MHz) at a significantly enhanced distance. More details about the QRX200 here.

4. The QRX235 Rx features all new digital modulation and a QIFB option.

The digital modulation gives the QRX235 significantly enhanced distance and range and the QIFB upgrade adds the ability to read time code wirelessly, all while it receives up to 4 channels of 100% digital audio from up to 2 transmitters. More details about the QRX235 here.

There! Now that you think less about wireless, you have more time to celebrate the endless series of small triumphs that make up your day!

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