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JoeCo is offering 25% off on their  BBWR24B and BBWR08MP BlueBox Recorders from now until August 31st, 2017!

Alternatively, if you own an eligible BBR1U, BBR1A or BBR1B BlackBox Player (serial numbers with WB6 or higher), factory upgrades to a BlueBox Interface/Recorder are available at a great discount.

  • BlackBox to BBWR08MP upgrade $2200
  • BlackBox to BBWR24B upgrade $1500

Contact us for details.

Investigate a BlackBox

JoeCo is celebrating their 7th Anniversary with a 7th Anniversary Summer Sale! Until further notice, get special pricing on BlackBox Recorders and get a FREE JoeCo Bluetooth hardware interface ($159 value) when you buy a BBR1B Recorder or BBP1B Player!

JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-MP Recorder Now Shipping!

As suggested by the subject, the new JoeCo BlackBox is available to demo in our NY store and for order right now!

The BBR1-MP adds 24 remote controlled preamps and switchable Madi and Dante interfaces.

And, of course, it comes with all the usual award-winning BlackBox features:

  • One rack unit in size
  • 12v power
  • iXML compliant
  • USB hard drive/thumbdrive recording media
  • Compatible with WiFi and hardwired iPad remote control
  • Rock solid reliability

The BlackBox BBR1-MP is one of the lightest, smallest, and coolest recorders available and it comes in a variety of flavors to suit your needs:

Check out JoeCo's Joe Bull showing off the unit at NAB last year:

Get more details here, contact us to arrange for a demo, or order yours today!

Tape-delayed from NAB - Day 2!

More of Peter Schneider's interviews from NAB 2013!

Sound Devices has a lot of great new stuff at NAB 2013. Plus, see Pat McConnell's Roger Daltrey impression!

And over at the JoeCo booth, your iPad can now talk to your BlackBox Recorder!

We've got a team at NAB all week, so keep watching this space for more videos! (And come say hi if you're here too!)

Dante Avante!

Dante is an established audio networking protocol that allows 32 channels of digital audio to travel over gigabit Ethernet with extremely low latency. We're seeing an increasing number of manufacturers adopt the protocol including Focusrite, JoeCo, Yamaha, Sound Devices and now Lectrosonics. - GSC

Lectrosonics Introduces Aspen Dante Network Processor
32 x 32 channel Plug 'N Play network audio transport

Rio Rancho, NM - May 2012. Meeting the demand for reliable network audio transport, Lectrosonics has developed the SPNDNT network processor to expand the ASPEN digital matrix processor family. The new network processor is much more than a simple network interface. Instead, it is a full featured DSP processor that can address both the ASPEN and Dante matrices and add mixing, gain, and delay functions to the digital audio signals. Any of the 48 final mixes in the ASPEN matrix can be assigned to any one or more of the Dante channels for transport to other endpoints in the network. Dante signals can also be imported into the ASPEN matrix in a local processor sub-system for mixing with other local and network signals, and then routed onward to other local or network devices.


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