Rycote vs. Rycote

Matthew Sonnenfeld of fourB Productions does a side by side comparison between the Rycote Cyclone and Rycote WS4 Windscreen, comparing handling noise, wind resistance, and acoustic transparency!

His conclusions begin at 3:48, if you're the impatient type.

Rycote Cyclone versus Rycote WS4 from Matthew Sonnenfeld on Vimeo.

Simon Davies from Rycote responds to the review:

1) Windjammer

We do have an optional Windjammer for the Cyclone, for use in high wind conditions. One of the key objectives of the Cyclone was to achieve equal wind performance to that of the WS4 + Windjammer, while improving the acoustic transparency. This goes not only when the kit is new, but after months & years of use. 

Fur is a fantastic material, which is exceptional at reducing wind noise. However, over time its acoustic transparency will reduce the dirtier and more matted it becomes and is particularly affected when wet. 3D-Tex is far more predictable over a longer period from new and will maintain its performance even when wet.

The magnetic idea for the low pile Windjammer is a very cool idea and something we'll certainly look at. We've got a ~couple~ of magnets in our inventory now :-)

2) Cable length 

The length of the Mogami star-quad cable used on the Cyclone has been set to ensure that the XLR is always in the right spot in the basket when the mic is fitted. There is some slack in the cable around the entry point to the lower basket suspension. This could be adjusted into the basket is slightly more length is needed.

3) XLR connector

We have considered a shorter XLR for the Cyclone, but opted instead at this time for the industry leading gold pin Neutrik XX-series, as it's a truly excellent connector. We do have protected designs for a short XLR connector (with Neutrik inners) that can be both right-angled & inline, however this will come down the track.

4) Lyre suspension

The Cyclone comes fitted with a pair of our Universal Lyres (72-shore), which are perfect for the likes of the Sennheiser MKH 416 or the Sanken CS-3e. It's also supplied with spare pair of softer Universal Lyres (62-shore) which give better handling isolation for lighter mics like the Schoeps CMIT-5U. The Lyres are all soft-grip on their internal surfaces for maximum grip, and to reduce twisting. They can be moved into multiple different positions along the suspension bar with use of the supplied hex key.

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