Lectro L Series Now in Pre-Order! Special Intro Kit Price!

The Lectrosonics L Series Wideband wireless units will be shipping in January and they're generously offering a great introductory promo deal when you buy a kit before January 30th, 2015 - buy an LR Receiver with either the LMb or LT transmitter in the block of your choice and get  a whole passel of FREE accessories!

The LR/LMb Wideband Wireless Kit contains the ultra-compact LR receiver, designed for use with compact HD cameras; the LMb transmitter with a fixed antenna and 50 mW RF output; and accessories (enumerated below!)

(Regularly $2264.55!)

​The LR/LT Wideband Wireless Kit contains the aformentioned ultra-compact LR receiver; the LT transmitter with removable antenna, selectable 50/100 mW RF power, line input level select, and RM remote control capability; and the selfsame accessories!

(Regularly $2654.55!)

Each kit is available in several three-block frequency ranges: A1 (470.100 - 537.575 MHz), B1 (537.600 - 614.375 MHz), or C1 (614.400 - 691.175 MHz) and contains:

  • (1) Receiver
  • (1) Transmitter
  • (1) M152/5P lavalier microphone
  • (1) LRSHOE camera shoe mount for LR Receiver
  • (1) MCSRXLR cable, TA3F to XLRM
  • (1) MCLRTRS cable, TA3F to 1/8" TRS
  • (1) CCMINI zippered pouch

Check out Karl Winkler's feature videos for the L-Series transmitters and LR receiver or our L-series comparison chart for more information!

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