I'll Still Have You, Sony, Boy

Sony Professional Wireless is a staple of audio packages for news crews; it's less common for feature film, television, and reality production, but definitely has the potential to be put to great use in those realms.

Sony has two tiers of wireless: a UHF line with Digital Signal processing and an all-digital line. Andy Munitz from Sony was kind enough to join us for a demo and discussion of both tiers, which we've included below (or watch the whole thing here.)

Sony UHF Wireless Systems


The third generation of Sony's analog wireless adds digital signal processing for great sound through better companding. It's available both as convenient, money-saving packages and as individual transmitter and receiver components for $700-$950 per channel. (Some mighty fine accessories are also available.) 

Sony Digital Wireless Systems

Sony's Digital Wireless line uses full digital wireless for artifact-free, non-companded high quality sound, increased range at lower power, even lower latency, spectral efficiency, and the ability to encrypt your audio. They're available in a large array of form factors from bodypacks and plug-on transmitters to dual slot and rack mounted receivers to fit any bag or cart set-up for about $3300 per channel. Sony has also made some excellent training videos available if you're interested in seeing the systems more in depth.

Wiring for Sony is available for most lavaliers - give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions!

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