Going ATL in

Come join this annual weekend event for production sound mixers from around the world to come together in Atlanta to get to know each other and get hands-on experience with the latest audio gear!

There'll be food, drink, and a special presentation by Mark Mangin, post sound supervisor, on what post expects from a production mixer!

Gotham Sound will be there, as well as reps from:

  • Ambient
  • DPA
  • K-Tek
  • Lectrosonics
  • Orca Bags
  • PSC
  • Remote Audio
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure
  • Sound Devices
  • Sound Guys Solutions
  • Zaxcom
  • Audio Developments
  • Batteries Plus
  • Crawford Media Services
  • Location Sound Corp,
  • Professional Sound Services
  • Trew Audio
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