February Gazette

Wireless Mic/TVBD Seminar Reminder! This Saturday!
TVBD's: Threat or Menace?

We'll spoil it for you now: they're both where sound mixers are concerned. The wireless spectrum is set to change yet again. Fortunately, there are some ways you can plan for it now, so join us and illustrious guest Henry Cohen of Production Radio Rentals Saturday, March 3rd at 10am to learn how you can be prepared. We'll even serve you refreshments, so hurry and RSVP to [email protected] because space is limited. Full info under the cut.


Better Know a Spectrum

In need of a simple, affordable, handheld spectrum analyzer? The RF Explorer is here!

The base unit retails for a mere $129 and covers frequencies from 240MHz to 960 MHz. We'll also be offering a kit that includes a case, limiter, attenuator and BNC adapter for under $250. There's even a $45 optional board currently available that will allow your RF Explorer to see the 2.4GHz band.

It's simple to use with an intuitive interface that allows the user to focus in on a subsection of a frequency range and a variety of viewing options to best suit your purposes. There's even downloadable PC software for a more in-depth look.

We've been in touch with the developer and they're "in the very last stages of a new model WSUB3G which will cover all frequencies from 15 to 2700MHz so the 216MHz range is certainly going to be supported. There will be a RFEMWSUB3G expansion module available that can be easily plugged in the base model." They expect to have it out this summer.

Contact our sales department for more information or if you have any questions.

Tax Preparation for Film Crews
(Revised January 2012)

The stars at night
Are big and bright
It's time for paying Taxes!

Now that we've cheered your heart with that charming ditty, we'll point out the 2012 revision of Anne K. Johnson's helpful article on filing your taxes as a freelance production person.

...And my Axient!
Is Shure's new line of Axient products the key to navigating the rocky RF landscape and avoiding disaster? Cory Allen went to Shure headquarters to take them for a test spin.

CAS Awarded

Congratulations to all the winners of the Cinema Audio Society Awards this year! We were especially proud to note the number of east coast productions among the awardees! Check out all the details here.

Fostex Care
We regret that Gotham will no longer be servicing Fostex machines or accepting Fostex related repairs. We encourage anyone with Fostex service related issues to contact Fostex factory trained service tech Mike Van Tine. He can be reached directly at
[email protected] or 973-980-2621.
New Cat on the Block
The newest version of ergocine's Honorary Aaton Shoulder Cat is out, now with full compatibility with the 5D and 7D!

Check out all the new details here.

Lectrosonics on Location in the Glades
Clean audio and distinct dialog key wireless system attributes
Capturing usable location audio in a swamp isn't easy, but that's precisely what sound mixer Mark Weber needs to do for The Glades. Find out how a little ingenuity and a lot of Lectrosonics make it possible.
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