Age. G4. Beauty.

The Sennheiser G4 Series is the next step in their Evolution line of wireless products, featuring a wide array of bundles to suit the needs of any production. It's even fully compatible with your existing G1, G2, and G3 equipment.

G4 units are scheduled to start shipping in April 2018.

The ew 100 series features a redesigned user interface and adds the ability to use up to twelve rack units in series for easy coordination. Components include bodypack receiver and transmitter, handheld and plug-on transmitters, and half-rack receiver.

The ew 300 and ew 500 series feature wideband frequencies ranges, a redesigned user interface, and more bandwidth, power, and water resistance. The 500 series receivers also have a network connection. Components include bodypack receiver (500 only), bodypack transmitter, handheld transmitter, and half-rack receiver.

The In-Ear Monitoring series features more power and water resistance and a redesigned user interface. Components include bodypack receiver and half-rack monitoring transmitter.
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