GSTV: The Wonderful World of Wind Protection


Nick Huston, aided by a wind machine, takes us on a tour of windscreens, fuzzies, zeppelins, and lav covers from Rycote, Cinela, K-Tek, LMC, Remote Audio, and Bubblebee in some hands-on, albeit non-scientific, testing.

NAB 2015 - Redding Audio


Danny Michael, CAS, talks to Scott Boland of Redding Audio about the upcoming Rycote Cyclone Windshields, Schoeps Cut 60 Filter, and the Audio Ltd. 1010 Digital Diversity Single Slot Receiver.

NAB 2014 - Redding


Redding Audio's Scott Boland describes the new Rycote Super-Shield and Super-Softie to Gotham's Natalie Lowe.

NAB 2014 - Rycote


Natalie Lowe chats with Rycote's Odette Davies, and her daughters Megan and Molly, about the Rycote way of life.

NAB 2014 Photos


Pictures from the floor of NAB 2014!

NAB 2013 - Redding Audio


Redding Audio's Scott Boland demonstrates new products that they distribute: Ambient, Peter Engh and Audio Limited. With help from Doug Dunderdale                            

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