GSTV: Lectrosonics DCHT Transmitter First Look


Unboxing the Lectro DCHT digital stereo transmitter, going through the menus, and demo set-up with a M2R receiver,

GSTV: Deity Connect Wireless System


The upcoming Deity Connect 2.4 GHz wireless kit 

GSTV: K-Tek Stingray Backpack


Nick Huston shows off the features of the K-Tek Stingray Backpack.

GSTV: Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex


The new ZMT3-Flex transmitter, designed  to keep both your talent and your transmitter safe when recording sports or other potentially high-impact scenarios.

GSTV: 600 MHz Feb 2018 Update

A brief update on where we are as of Feb 2018 with the 600 MHz spectrum, what's happening next, and what wireless mic operators can do about it

GSTV: Tentacle Sync E


Ulrich Esser demonstrates the new Tentacle Sync E. 

GSTV: Zoom F4


Nick Huston reviews the features of the upcoming Zoom F4 mixer/recorder.

GSTV: Battle of the Automixers


Peter Schneider and Nick Huston try out the Automix settings on the Yamaha QL-1 (Dugan), Sound Devices 688 (Dugan & MixAssist), and the Zaxcom Nomad (Auto-Mix) and compare them to a human mixer's take on a complicated scene.

NAB 2016: Zaxcom Teaser


Nick Huston sneaks into Zaxcom HQ -- will he find sensitive information about upcoming equipment releases?

GSTV: Off Mic with Charles Hunt


Sound mixer Charles Hunt about the audio gear on his cart and his experiences on a long list of feature films, documentaries, and dramatic shows.


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