NAB 2016: Zaxcom Teaser


Nick Huston sneaks into Zaxcom HQ -- will he find sensitive information about upcoming equipment releases?

NAB 2013 - RME


RME/Synthax's Jeff Peteresen talks about some of RME's latest products, as well as the tech behind PC-SIG, Thunderbolt (and why RME didn't adopt it), as well as an insightful comparison between MADI over Ehternet and Dante.

NAB 2013 - WisyCom


WisyCom's Massimo Polo describes their wide bandwidth wireless microphone systems.

NAB 2013 - Timecode Systems & MovieSlate


Pureblend's Cliff Joyce shows off the latest products from Movie*Slate and Timecode Buddy, and a prototype of a slate made in collaboration with Denecke.

NAB 2013 - K-Tek, Part I


K-Tek's Dave Fisk demonstrates their new Nautilus microphone suspension, zeppelin and boom case.

NAB 2013 - K-Tek Part 2


K-Tek's Dave Fisk discusses the next big idea.

NAB 2013 - Lectrosonics


Lectrosonics' Karl Winkler discusses the future of wireless audio.

NAB 2013 - Ambient Recording


Timo Klinge takes you through Ambient Recording's new Tiny Lockit, QS boompole, SSH adapter, underwater housing for Sound Devices 7-series recorders.and hydrophones.

NAB 2013 - Shure SCM820 Automixer


Shure's Dave Mendez introduces the new SCM820 Automixer.

NAB 2013 - DirectOut


Stephan Flock talks about DirectOut's new MADI USB and Andiamo interfaces.

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