GSTV: Lectrosonics with Karl Winkler


Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics joins us to talk about the new Venue 2 system, Wireless Designer, VHF IFB system, and HMa wideband plug-in transmitter, as well as the latest developments with the FCC spectrum auction and how to plan your wireless for the future.

GSTV: Off Mic with Dave Schwartz


Narrative sound mixer Dave Schwartz kicks off our 2016 livestream season with a new feature all about talking shop with sound crew. 

GSTV: Lectrosonics with Howard Kaufman


Lectro representative Howard Kaufman discusses the upcoming changes in wireless spectrum use and how Lectro L-series and SSM series can help overcome the challenges

NAB 2015 - Lectrosonics


Lectrosonics' Karl Winkler talks to Danny Michael about the SSM transmitter.

NAB 2014 - Lectrosonics


Lectrosonics's Karl Winkler explains the new Digital Secure Wireless and LMB, LT and LR wireless systems, as well as the Duopack SR housing, to Natalie Lowe.

NAB 2014 Photos


Pictures from the floor of NAB 2014!

Sound Inking


Gotham provided system design, installation services, frequency coordination and equipment rental for Spike TV's Ink Master.  Check out this publicity piece from Lectrosonics and, if you're in the market for a slick solution to your mammoth audio job, give us a call or email to discuss your show's requirements.

NAB 2013 - Lectrosonics


Lectrosonics' Karl Winkler discusses the future of wireless audio.


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