IBC 2013 - Rosendahl Studiotechnik


Fritz Rosendahl on his new Nanoclocks GL and how it was designed to provide reliable house sync running twenty-four hours per day for a minimum of ten years, as well as the importance of proper termination, the nature of synchronization signals, and his personal philosphy of time.

IBC 2013 - Wisycom


Torben Aalykke of Professional Sound Systems in Denmark tells us about his real world experience working with Wisycom.

IBC 2013 - Timecode Buddy


Timecode System's Paul Scurrell talks about the new mini-trx, new features possible with the new infrastructure mode WiFi networking, and how integrating with third parties such as Adobe is part of the TimeCode Buddy philosophy of timecode and metadata sharing on set.

IBC 2013 - JoeCo


JoeCo's Joe Bull describes his new 24 Mic Input JoeCo BlackBox recorder and demonstrates its hardwired and wireless iPad remote control.

DPA Microphones (Post IBC 2013)


DPA CEO Christian Poulsen talks about DPA's commitment to quality, the unique strengths of the Danish audio industry and future products.

IBC 2013 - Take ("Boom Recorder") Vos


Amsterdam native Take Vos discusses the history of Boom Recorder, its latest features, and what the future of film sound recording might look like (spoiler alert: it's very close to Ambient's vision).

IBC 2013 - Cinesonics (Chris Price)


Cinesonics' Chris Price discusses history, wine, sound for film and his new cart and boom pole products. Watch for Sound Devices' Jim Koomar's cameo!

IBC 2013 - Ambient


Ambient's Klaus Grosser discusses their newest products and updates, including a prototype of a new slate, and an exciting collaboration between Ambient and Easy-Scott.

IBC 2013 - Arriflex Amira


Arriflex Amira Product Manager Markus  Durr discusses the audio features of their new documentary camera Amira.

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