GSTV: Buying and Selling Used Gear


A tutorial on how to buy and sell Used Gear through the Gotham website.

GSTV: DPA Microphones


Natalie Lowe and Dan Joseph explore DPA Microphones' new Slim lavaliers, the 4017B Shotgun and 4018C Condensed Supercardiod Microphone, the swappable Microdot lavalier adapters, the 4098 Supercardioid Podium Mic and the rest of the DPA line, plus a Slim miking demo from Peter Schneider.

AES 135 - Outtakes


Dan Joseph with (special guest star Chase Depew) do whatever it is that they do.

Quick Look: Sound Devices 663


Dan Joseph takes a quick look at the brand-new Sound Devices 663.

First Look: Zaxcom Maxx


Dan Joseph gives a tantalizing glimpse of the brand new Zaxcom Maxx. Watch the video, then drop by the store to see our demo unit today!

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