Used Gear Sellers' Policy

Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc. reserves the right to not list or remove gear on our site, including:

  • Cables & Connectors
  • Media
  • Expendables
  • Old or obsolete technology
  • Gear damaged beyond repair
  • Gear with an unrealistic asking price

​We do not hold gear in house and will not make changes to your listing or negotiate rates over the phone. All correspondence concerning used gear must be conducted via email to [email protected]

  1. Gotham Sound will agree to list your used gear on our used gear site for a period of up to one year or until it sells. When we receive an offer on the gear listed, we will present it to the seller or negotiate a pre-agreed upon price point on the seller’s behalf. (We prefer to do the latter).
  2. You may make changes to your listing, e.g. price, description, photo, at any point at the lower right of your main account page or emailing [email protected].
  3. The seller has 3 business days to decide to accept an offer and produce the used item being sold.
  4. The seller is responsible for all shipping/delivery fees to get the gear to Gotham Sound.
  5. If, for whatever reason, you cannot provide us with the gear within 3 business days we have a right to remove the posting from our website and cancel the pending transaction.
  6. Once we receive the gear, we perform a quality test with our technicians before it is sold. If there is something broken with the gear, the seller is responsible for the repair cost OR lowering the accepted offer to compensate for damage. If gear is damaged - then it can be sold AS IS.
  7. Only items that have already been quality-tested by Gotham are eligible for the "Buy It Now" feature.
  8. After your gear reaches its buyer, the buyer is given 3 business days to check the unit for any defects. If the buyer wishes the return the gear within 3 business days, the gear will be returned to the seller, at the seller’s expense, and no compensation will be issued.

Wireless Items
Wireless transmitters that can use frequencies illegal for use in the United States are sold for EXPORT ONLY! This includes Sennheisers in the B/C bands, Lectrosonics in block 24-29, and Wisycoms in B1-B5. We can sell receivers in any block.

Commission Rates:
When the seller self-lists, Gotham charges a 15% commission of the sale of gear if the seller would like STORE CREDIT and a 20% commission fee if the seller would like to receive a check.

If gear is listed by a Gotham employee, Gotham charges a 20% commission if the seller would like STORE CREDIT and a 25% commission fee if the seller would like to receive a check.

We do not negotiate commission fees. Allow thirty days from date of sale for check delivery; contact [email protected] with all check status inquiries.