Repair Terms & Conditions

Please note that the initial communication is only a request for an estimate. Every repair is unique and we will have to assess the equipment before we can provide a quote. However, you can help the process by providing as detailed as possible a description of the problem. We will get back to your within a business day with instructions on how to proceed.

Repair Costs

We have a $125 an hour labor cost for all repairs that are fixable at Gotham. If we cannot fix the piece of gear in house or the piece of gear is deemed not fixable/dead, there is NO LABOR CHARGE applied to the customer.

Lavalier Microphones have a flat fate of $49.95 per Microphone (if repairable). The ONLY exception for Lav Repairs being the replacement/wiring of Lectrosonics Waterproof Connectors for their Waterproof Transmitters, which carry a flat rate of $59.95.

We do add shipping cost to the repairs if the must be shipped to and from the manufacturer. Shipping can be expedited for Overnight Delivery, 2-day, Ground, Etc. We do not add shipping costs for service parts that we need shipped into Gotham Sound when doing repairs in house.

We will never take an action or charge you without communicating with you first.

Warranty Repair

Every piece of equipment has its own manufacturer warranty. We honor all repairs that are under warranty from the manufacturer and do not add a handling fee. We may need to apply a shipping cost to a warranty repair if the manufacturer does not pay for shipping though this is not always the case

Turnaround Time

Equipment that is fixable at Gotham Sound usually has a 4-5 business day turnaround.

Turnaround time varies for Equipment that has to be shipped out to the manufacturer depending on severity of the problem/location of manufacturer. The customer will be notified via email/phone that the gear has to be shipped out and will be given a approximate turnaround time.


The Rental Department offers a 50% discount off a Rental during the first week that a repair is checked in with Gotham, subject to availability.