SS-R250N Network Recorder



  • Recording capabilities
    • Supports recording and playback of high-resolution files up to 96kHz / 24bit
    • Dual SD memory card slot permits mirror and relay recording
    • Auto mark function: When an error occurs or input level overloads, the time point will be marked automatically
    • PRE REC function to prevent any missing part in your recording
    • Auto track function automatically trims the tracks
    • Compressor and limiter included
    • Auto level control function automatically adjusts the input level for recording
    • Starts recording as soon as the unit is turned on with Power-on-record function
    • Microphone input connector with phantom power supply
    • Direct recording function enables the recording starts right away without any standby
  • Playback functions
    • Call function that saves the position where your last playback starts
    • Playback modes such as Program, Random, and Single
    • Ducking function automatically adjusts the playback volume while the input level increases or decreases
    • All repeat / A-B repeat function
    • Incremental play function to transport to the beginning of the next track
    • Monaural mix playback function
    • Auto Cue function tracks the first sound in the playback for standby
    • Auto ready function allows a standby before the next track begins
    • Pitch control and key control function for speed and key adjustments
    • Can set the mark at any position
    • EOM (End of message) notification available before the track ends
  • Network / Control Functions
    • FTP Client function enables automatic uploading of recorded files or downloading audio files from the server
    • Schedule automatic recording, playback, download and other functions
    • Time setting via SNTP Client function enables event management with more accuracy
    • Automatic Upload function enables recorded files to be uploaded automatically
    • iOS / Android control apps available: allowing transport operations and remote control of various settings
    •  IF-DA2 interface card (sold separately) adds Dante 2-channel input and output 
    • Serial and parallel port connections
    • RC-SS150 Flash Start control unit with the a color LCD screen (sold separately)
    • Optional RC-3F footswitch can be connected to the RC-20 remote control
  • Other features
    • Sampling rate converter for inputs and outputs are available
    • Link playback function allows two units to be operated at the same time
    • Automatic file closing process to avoid data loss if there is a sudden power loss during recording
    • User presets: Up to three sets of optional settings can be stored for such things as switching input and output, sampling rate selection and other functions
    • 1U rack-mount size