SBOX-1N Sync Box



  • This item is discontinued, but still available for rent.
  • Precise mechanic construction from aluminium alloy
  • Completely redesigned powering management for even more battery life
  • Generates all TC frame rates (23,976 fps - 30 fps drop frame / nondrop frame) including 0.5 and 2 multiples (11.98 fps - 60 fps) and wordclock 32 - 192 kHz (including pull-up and pull-down option)
  • Selectable UB, extarnal TC to user bits of generated time code insert function, cross jamming and much more special functions
  • Selectable function of automatic power on and jamming when incoming time code is recognized
  • TC input also on BNC connector (new function in comparison with SBOX-1N)
  • Every piece is in factory calibrated for superior accuracy of generated time
  • Possibility of user calibration using BETSO GPS-1 module
  • Unique function of generating accurate the same time code on all SBOX-1N worldwide (using BETSO GPS-1 module)
  • Miniature dimensions 75x62x20 mm (2.95 x 2.44 x 0.79")
  • Low weight - only 134g ( 4.73 oz, 0.29 lb) without batteries
  • User selectable TC output amplitude (-20 dBu to 6 dBu)
  • Battery life up to 60 hours (without WC)
  • Special power save mode for even more battery life
  • Monitoring of batteries voltage
  • custom made transport protective case included