DSR4 Four-Channel Digital Slot Receiver

Block A1/B1 (470-614 MHz)


  • Wireless Designer integration now live as of version 2.0.53
  • Available in blocks A1B1, B1C1, and 941
  • Four independent channels, compact design
  • Two diversity options for maximum flexibility
  • Compatible with existing SR ecosystem
  • Compatible with D2, HDM, Duet and DCHX Digital modes and all hybrid modes
  • 24 bit/48 kHz digital for excellent audio
  • AES 256-bit, CTR mode encryption with 4 different key policies available
  • High IP3 performance of +15 dBm for tough RF environments
  • Analog and AES3 digital audio outputs
  • External DC powering options and USB input for firmware updates and data transfer