Director Mini



  • Inputs
    • Two HDMI inputs
    • Two USB AV inputs
    • Three simultaneous live IP sources (SRT, RTMP)
    • Two NDI® HX2 or HX3 sources
    • Mobile camera (via Director Utility App)
    • Media files (video, image, music, etc.)
  • Streaming
    • Natively supports streaming to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live
    • Stream via SRT, RTMP and NDI® HX3
    • Stream to two destinations simultaneously at the same or different bitrates
  • Split recording files by time or size
  • Chroma keying, graphics, telestration, and more
  • Display multiple graphics including titles, lower thirds, a scoreboard, timer, stopwatch and more
  • Included Director Utility App
  • Network
    • Ethernet: 1x RJ45 port, 10/100/1000 Mbps Base-T
    • WiFi: 2.4G/5G, Station and AP modes are both supported
  • 5.44" AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Warranty: 2 years for the whole device, 1 year for the screen