DCR822 Digital Receiver

Block A1/B1 (470-614 MHz)


  • The C1 band may only be used within the US from 614-616 MHz or 653-663 MHz. Licensing and transmitter power output restrictions may apply. More details here.
  • Compatible with DBu, DHu, DPR, DCHT, MT2 transmitters, and backwards compatible with Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters
  • Selectable AES3 or analog mic/line level outputs
  • Extremely high IP3 of +15 dBm for high performance in tough RF environments
  • Vector diversity with 2 RF front ends per channel for superior diversity performance
  • AES 256-CTR encryption with 4 key policy modes
  • USB port for connectivity with Wireless Designer
  • microSD card slot for firmware updates and on-board recording
  • 4 AA battery power or external DC
  • Solid machined aluminum housing, anodized
  • Extremely fast RF scanning and setup via IR