DADM226 Diversity Antenna Distribution Module

470-608 MHz
DADM226-MK2 (470-608


  • One pair of antennae feeds up to six diversity receivers
  • Built-in band-pass filtering and signal splitters
  • Powers receivers via antenna sockets
  • Remote antenna powering
  • (2) 50 ohm BNC inputs
  • 2x6 50 ohm mini UHF SMA outputs
  • (3) Hirose DC outputs
  • OLED display menu and LED indicators
  • Single power source solution
  • Master ON-OFF switch
  • Continuous system voltage monitoring
  • Soft ON/OFF switch for each individual receiver
  • Soft ON/OFF switch for each individual remote antenna powering
  • Soft ON/OFF switch for each Hirose DC output
  • CNC machined aluminium housing
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Fits neatly in any sound bag