ADX3 Plug-On Transmitter

Band G57 (470-608 MHz)


  • ShowLink enabled for comprehensive, real-time remote control of all Axient Digital transmitter parameters
  • Locking mechanism for secure, wobble-free connection
  • OLED display with easy-to-navigate menu and controls
  • Rugged metal construction that is resistant to dust and moisture
  • Automatic input staging optimizes gain setting
  • AES 256-bit encryption-enabled for secure transmission
  • 300 feet (100 meter) line-of-sight operating range
  • Selectable modulation modes optimize performance for spectral efficiency include:
    • Standard – Optimal coverage, low latency
    • High density – Dramatic increase in max system channel count
  • Switchable power levels (2/10/35 mW, region dependent)
  • Shure SB900 rechargeable battery (included) or AA battery (sold separately) options
  • Shure SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable battery option provides up to 8 hours of continuous use, precision metering, and zero memory effect
  • External power and charging option over USB-C port
  • Included: 2 x SB900B batteries, USB-A to USB-C cable, belt clip/pouch, and zippered bag for storage