A20-Mini Battery Doubler



  • A20-Minis produced before November 2022 require a factory upgrade to allow easily swapping between the A20-BatteryDoubler and the standard battery door. The upgrade is available as a bundle with the A20-BatteryDoubler from Sound Devices here.
  • PowerStation-8M chargers produced before November 2022 require a free user-installable upgrade to allow charging. Please contact us with the serial number of your Powerstation-8M for a free upgrade kit.
  • Double the battery run time of an A20-Mini up to 9 hours
  • Batteries sold-separately
  • Swap the BatteryDoubler back and forth with the standard A20-Mini battery door in seconds
  • Super-compact and increases only the depth of the A20-Mini
  • Simultaneous dual NP-BX1 charging when the A20-Mini is connected to a USB-C power source
  • Resistant to water and sweat
  • Compatible with the PowerStation-8M charging, file transfer, and time code station. Charges up to eight A20-Minis or four when fitted with the BatteryDoubler.