Part 74 Licenses

A Part 74 license gives a wireless mic operator priority over unlicensed operations, the use of power up to 250 mW, the ability to reserve channels, and access to additional frequencies. We strongly recommend applying for one.

Most sound mixers already qualify for the license under the “producers” definition and qualifications were expanded last year to include large sound operations (defined as regularly using at least 50 channels of wireless), opening licensing to rental houses and venues.

Here's the most common frequencies that will be available (to the best of our knowledge) for wireless mics in the near future. Part 74 licensed users exclusive ranges and benefits are in bold:

  • 470-614 MHz (all users; Part 74 may use up to 250 mW; unlicensed users limited to 50 mW)
  • Duplex Gap:
    • 653-657 MHz (Part 74 licensed users, output power limited)
    • 657-663 MHz (all users, output power limited)
  • 941.5-960 MHz (Part 74 licensed users)

In addition to access to extra spectrum ranges and additional transmission power, Part 74 users can also register frequencies for a designated time and place ahead of time. The registration will automatically prevent many types of devices that might interfere with you from using those frequencies at that time.

For more info on obtaining a license, get in touch with us or check out Local 695's guide here. The application form can be downloaded from here.