RF-Vue T10 RF Analyzer with Tablet

470 - 700 MHz


  • Touch screen
  • Zoom in & out, navigating through the RF spectrum with touch screen gestures
  • On screen keyboard for alphanumeric entry
  • Custom markers to ame and color code your Tx
  • Peak markers
  • Tunable, indicator sweep bar for the Touch to Listen™ (TTL) function
  • Touch to Listen™ from your custom transmitter list
  • Display current, previous, average and max hold waveforms
  • RF congestion scale
  • Adaptive sweep function to increase sweep speed
  • Save & recall custom settings
  • Instra‐print function in JPEG, BMP, GIFF
  • Unlimited levels of undos
  • Interactive, on‐screen help assistant
  • Integrates with the RF intermodPRO software