LIO-8 Line-Level Digital Audio Processor (3rd Gen)

Base Unit


  • This item has been discontinued, but the MKIV replacement is expected in November 2021.
  • 8 channels of archival grade 192k A/D and D/A converters
  • 2 channels of 192k D/A converters with integrated headphone amp
  • 2 analog outputs on balanced TRS connectors
  • Analog balanced send architecture for onboard split
  • 2 channels of exceptional DI inputs suitable for instrument orturntable inputs
  • Integrated surround monitor controller
  • 8 channels of 192k capable AES inputs and outputs
  • Comprehensive front panel controls
  • Comprehensive, high Resolution 15 segment front panel metering
  • Comprehensive clocking (Internal, WC, AES)
  • Dedicated internal clock sources for all rates
  • Dedicated MIDI I/O for control surface interfacing
  • Dedicated SMPTE LTC I/O
  • Rock-solid, time-tested fifth-generation software and drivers
  • Optional 4 or 8 channels of ULN-R preamps
  • Optional +DSP license