Price Increase A-Comin'!

Starting December 1st, Sound Devices is increasing prices on select items in their line, including the 688 (+$249) and 633 (+$99) recorders, the MixPre-D (+$60), the HX-3 (+$46) and the CL-12 (+$100). Order now to lock in the current price!

Model Current Price 12/1 Price Difference
688 Production Mixer/Recorder $5749 $5998 $249
664 Production Mixer/Recorder $4949 $4998 $49
633 Compact Mixer/Recorder $3229 $3328 $99
633 Full Kit $3995 $4090 $95
552 Production Mixer/Recorder $3399 $3610 $211
CL-12 Linear Fader Controller $1995 $2095 $100
Wingman Connect $60 $68 $8
302 Production Mixer $1649 $1698 $49
MixPre-D Field Mixer $929 $989 $60
702 CF Recorder $2049 $2225 $176
722 Hard Drive/CF Recorder $2679 $2699 $20
HX-3 Headphone Distro Amp $409 $455 $46
MM-1 Mic Preamp $509 $559 $50
MP-1 Mic Preamp $409 $455 $46
USBPre 2 Audio Interface $879 $895 $16

We're part of the American Express Small Business program, so when you pay with your enrolled AmEx for any purchases through the rest of the year, you'll get double rewards! More details are available here.

Even Sounder Devices

Update (2/18/15): v1.04 is now out, so upgrade away:

Update (2/17/15): There's a small bug in the Sound Devices 633 firmware v 1.03 update that's being fixed and tested now. We'll let you know when the new version is available for download or you can watch this page:

Sound Devices has released new firmware for the 663 and 664!

Firmware v. 1.03 for the 633 and v. 2.03 for the 664 includes:

  • Adjustable Slate Mic Gain
  • Shortcuts for Fast Control
  • Time Code Mode: Free Run Jam Once
  •  L-Ident tone

Download 'em now!

Firmware Fantasm

A smorgasbord of worthy updates for your devices today:

Ambient's ACL204's new firmware update introduces wireless continuous auto jam, with with you're never out of sync.The ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) will "jam" sync all other ACN devices whenever they are in range.

v 3.1 also adds built in midi time code/SMPTE time code capability to allow real SMPTE LTC i/o for Pro-Tools workstations and RF LNA (low noise amplifier) for extended range (at the cost of decreased battery life) for the ACN!


Zaxcom's new Nomad update 6.01 adds automix settings!


And last, but not least, v.105 of Sound Devices' 664 firmware features Broadcast WAV mono file support, LCD daylight mode, CF & SD card enhancements, and new shortcuts!

664 Update

Two pieces of news regarding the 664: 1) limited quantities are starting to ship now, so some of you should have 'em in your hot little hands soon and 2) a number of the problems we noted in our review have been fixed. Here's the list of fixes in the newest version of the firmware and the download link:

New Features:

  • PreRoll (up to six seconds)
  • Record File Split
  • Track Names in Meters option
  • External DC reference options (12V Ext DC, NiMH, Expanded NiMH, 12V Lead Acid, 14V Li-ion, Full Range)
  • Headphone Warning Beeps for low power and other warning conditions
  • Time code display indication when incoming frame rate does not match the 664 frame rate setting (display alternates between incoming shown in red and 664 setting shown in white)


  • LCD display indicator when Tone, Slate, or COM is active
  • LCD display battery icon power status (green is healthy, flashing yellow is warning, and flashing red is critical)
  • Limiters now ON at Factory Setting
  • RTN levels now reset on Factory Settings
  • Headphone program vs. TONE, Slate, COM, RTN priority changes
  • Track Arm indicators now only show tracks that will be recorded according to Recorder settings and media inserted
  • Metering improvements in Input Settings Window
  • AES Output Routing navigation changes
  • Tone is disabled during Playback


  • Various time code related issues
  • Track polarity issue
  • Channel Screen Fader value display now updated after Input has been turned on
  • Rare Lock Up during boot cycle
  • MP3 Recording Lock Ups
  • Various AES Routing issues
  • Various Input Linking issues
  • Wordclock locking issue after unsupported rates where detected
  • Various metadata entry bugs
  • Various keyboard data entry bugs
  • Various Take List updating bugs
  • Headphone Preset Names now cleared after Factory Settings are restored

Sound Devices 664

The big news of the day is Sound Device's announcement of their 664 Six-Channel Field Production Mixer. The 664 is the new flagship in Sound Devices line of portable audio mixers as it joins the 552, 302 and MixPre-D. The 664 has six input channels and four output bus channels, all recordable for a total of 10-tracks.   Other features include Ambient time code, intuitive menus via color LCD interface, multiple mic/line output configurations on XLR, 10-pin and TA-3 connectors, up to four channels of AES inputs (AES-3, AES42), and up to eight channels of AES3 outputs.

Accessories include the CL-6 Input Expander, which, when combined with the 664, brings the total to 12 inputs, four output busses, and 16 recording tracks, and the CS-664 Production Case.  

More details here!

664 Outputs

664 Back

664 Inputs

CL-6 with 664

CS-664 Case
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