December 2017

Under the Wire

Put off your tax-deductible business expense purchases until the last minute? It's cool, we've been there. To help you get those purchases in under the 2017 wire, just put the words "RUN IT" in the comment field of your online order at before 6pm EST on Sunday, 12/31. (Normally, we only process online payments during business hours and when we've confirmed that everything in your order is in stock.)

Big DPA, Little DPA

Today through Friday only! Get yourself a great lightweight microphone at a bargain price with 10% off DPA's 4017 and 4018 mic kits, capsules, and preamps! Or get audio directly into your iOS device or computer with the same discount on the d:vice  Digital Audio Interface!

Can't decide? No worries - get any of the discounted DPA mic kits with a capsule and a preamplifier and you can purchase a d:vice with an additional 10% off! (Due to limitations of our website, this deal will only trigger once per order - please call or email to arrange a discount on multiple sets.)

Spectrum in the Hands of an Angry FCC

What do you need to do to make sure your wireless equipment works in the face of the oncoming 600 MHz onslaught? We've put together a handy chart to reblocking your equipment from Lectrosonics or Zaxcom. (If you're interested in the trade-in programs, info is here.)

The prices include the labor and parts required to change the frequency, as well as $25 shipping and handling per unit to and from Lectrosonics or Zaxcom from the Gotham shop in NYC or Atlanta. Any parts beyond the frequency change will incur an additional fee.