September 2017

Deva on the March

Glenn Sanders was in Atlanta with the Zaxcom Deva 24 demo unit last weekend and it's looking great! Please remember that things are subject to change before release, so we'll keep you updated.

That said, here are some of the feature highlights:

  • The unit has 40 inputs - 16 analog and 24 AES.
  • The interface uses a more streamlined version of the Deva 5 software, but it's still very Zaxcom.  There may be a small learning curve for the new user, but it looks even easier to use then a Nomad.
  • RX-12-like control.   Control your Tx and Rx frequencies, settings, power roll, etc. from the Deva.  Menu and screen settings look exactly like the RX-12. 
  • Post Record:  Like pre record, only after you hit stop
  • Cue Mode: The Deva playbacks Zaxcom transmitter recordings, so you can remix a scene.  It's an improved version of a Deva 5 feature.
  • Track routing is extremely customizable. 
  • Initial shipments will not have ZaxNet enabled, since it's pending FCC approval.  When it's approved, there will be no charge for the ZaxNet board and it'll be installable by the end user or a dealer.
  • Dante board option
  • No NP battery slot.
  • Records to (2) CF Cards, (1) ESATA Swap Drive, and (1) Internal SSD.  The internal drive is relatively small out of the box, but upgradable up to 1 TB
  • The intro price for the Deva 24 is expected to be around $12,000 with an anticipated price bump sometime afterwards. 
  • The Mix-16 control surface will be in the  $5000-6000 range

Don't Freq Out

The Get Your Freq On seminar on navigating the spectrum upheaval as a wireless mic operator occurred last weekend and went reasonably well, if we do say so ourselves. Special thanks to Howard Kaufman of Lectrosonics, Colleen Goodsir of Zaxcom, Ben Escobedo of Shure, and everyone who attended either online or in person!

If you missed it, we've posted the video online and made the speakers' presentations available in PDF format here:

Or if you prefer the TLDR version, the most salient points are below the jump.

The ACN-niversary Party

For the 25th anniversary of Lockit, Ambient is offering 25% off a new ACN Lockit box when you trade in a pre-ACN Lockit or Clockit unit!

The trade-in program is applicable to Lockit devices that are discontinued and do not have ACN capability; all ACL units before the ACL 204 and slates preceding the ACN-LS qualify. The trade-in units can be functional or dead. The special is 1:1, i.e. you can only receive a discount on the number of units equal to the quantity of legacy units submitted. Offer expires December 21st, 2017.

Here's what you can get with your trade-in:

Model Regular Price Price w/ Trade-In
ACL 204 Lockit Box $1,092.00 $819.00
ACN TL Tiny Lockit $852.00 $639.00
ACN-ML Master Lockit $1,248.00 $936.00
ACN-MLP Master LockItPlus (Release Pending) $1,662.00 $1,247.00
ACN-LS Time Code Slate w/ Plastic Clapsticks $1,356.00 $1,017.00
ACN-LS Time Code Slate w/ Maple Clapsticks $1,608.00 $1,206.00
NanoLockit Time Code Sync Box $299.00 $225.00

Contact us at [email protected] with questions or to submit a trade in! 

Don't Freq Out

It's an uncertain time to be in the wireless business. With the finalized results of the spectrum auction, production use of frequencies above 617 MHz will be illegal in 2020 and impractical in many markets much sooner - some mobile carriers have announced deployment in the 600 MHz band starting this month.

However, the good news is that the wireless manufacturers have been assiduously devising systems that can continue to transmit and receive clean, reliable signal under the new rules and offer the flexibility to keep you working when the rules change again.

Presenters will include:

The seminar will take place on Sunday, September 10th from 12pm-3pm EST at Gotham's NY shop in Long Island City, but will also be broadcast live on livestream and our facebook page.

Light refreshments will be provided.

The event is free, but RSVP here or on our facebook event to help us get a headcount.